Our projects

Lecti Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Varna at the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Our team is international and we work for dialogue and cooperation between people from different parts of the world.

Together with publisher Lecti Book Studio we publish books with social and educational purposes. One of our main projects is Easy Reads – books in easy language for all age groups. Our aim is to bring Easy Read books to those who need it in the Balkans and other regions, where this concept is still unknown.

Lecti Culture Centre works also with school projects. We visit schools with guests from abroad. Yet we have a vision: to broaden the horizons of the children so that they can create a meaningful future for themselves and be more motivated to study. For this they need educational support, interesting activities at school and attractive learning materials.

History is important, but the present is more urgent. In 1877-1878 a thousand men of the Finnish Guard participated in the Russian-Ottoman war, travelling through Romania and Bulgaria. Lecti Foundation and travel agency Lecti Adventure have started a joint project to create cooperation and develop the regions where the Finnish Guard stayed.

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